Magellan Consulting

With a diverse background in teaching, coaching, project management, conflict resolution, and international human rights work, my approach is rooted in inclusive learning experiences focused on real-world situations and solutions.

Based in San Francisco, I have been facilitating teams and providing leadership trainings since 2012. As a leadership development and Microsoft Office desktop instructor, I have a talent for enabling others to easily digest and absorb content and apply it to real-world scenarios.

I am passionate about developing customized leadership training services to meet the needs of diverse professionals.  I do this by creating inclusive, learning experiences focused on real-world situations and use tools that can be applied today. Listening to your needs and empowering participants to set accomplishable goals is at the heart of every training session.

I bring an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, cultural sensitivity, and global perspective, with the goal to develop strategic and collaborative professionals who will be the leaders of today and the future.