Leadership Courses

In today’s fast moving world, leaders require a wide variety of interpersonal, strategic management, and team building skills. These leadership courses include the newest tools and strategies, present real-world scenarios and exercises, and include interactive activities to ensure everyone comes away with practical and applicable learnings.

Courses are:

  • Customized to your needs.

  • Run from 2 hours to full day, 9am–4 pm.

  • Delivered in-person or remotely.

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productivity &
time management

Learn how to effectively manage your time so you can focus on what’s important.


Women's leadership

A course specifically designed for women to provide tools and resources to overcome challenges and thrive in work environments.


Grant Writing &
U.S. fundraising STRATEGIES

Develop your skills as a grant writer, including grants management and strategies to cultivate donor relationships.


Integrate a culture of respect and diversity into your organization to build high-performance, innovative teams.

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Learn tools to develop everyday and cross-cultural communication skills that are effective in any situation.

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Navigating & Managing Conflict 

Learn how to manage and work effectively with diverse personalities and work styles and manage conflict while building stronger work relationships.